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Why This One?

We are the choices we make.

Never before have we had so much choice - but never before has it been so hard to choose. And let’s face it: Existing tools just don’t cut it. Search engines are great for finding information, but they have no concept of our taste or vibe. Recommendation algorithms are great for spotting patterns, but they don’t let us say what we really want.

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It's a jungle out there.

Streaming services are awesome. But choosing what to watch is like finding a needle in a haystack - using a TV remote as a shovel. Scrolling becomes despairing. Movie Night becomes Fight Night. You know the story - it doesn’t end well.

Navigating this tidal-wave of choice is like navigating a jungle without a map. Or a compass. Or shoes.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

We believe there has to be a better way. So we're building it. It’s called This One. Our mission is to help people discover things they truly love. Right now, we’re helping movie-lovers learn more about their tastes, make great decisions and stay in-the-know. In the future, we plan to do the same for books, podcasts, restaurants, places - and many more.

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Want to learn more?

You can read more about This One, including our Mission and Company Values, on our blog.