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What is This One?

This One is a personal discovery engine.

This One helps you explore your tastes, discover amazing movies and choose what to watch right now. It’s not just a better search engine, or a better recommendation algorithm. It’s a completely new way for you to discover things and make decisions.

We call it a personal discovery engine.


This One is an app.

Our iPhone App combines deep knowledge of movies with detailed understanding of your personal tastes to help you find the perfect thing for your current vibe.

It also provides you with all the information you need to make a great decision about what to watch - every time.

This One is a community.

This One is a community of movie-lovers who help each other unearth the hidden gems.

Our community helps make This One better each and every day.


Join the Waitlist to get access.

Our app is currently invite-only. Join the Waitlist today to get access as we release move invites.